Example Reports

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MH Pro! Example Graphical Reports

Please note that the Example Reports are in PDF format and requires PDF viewing software to display them.

  Foxit Available HERE


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Please view the example drawings by clicking on the associated drawing description.

English Dimensioned Drawings – Sanitary

The following drawings consist of a Submittal Drawing for a 48” sanitary manhole with an outside drop (first drawing), and six different versions of the Shop Drawings for the custom pieces of this manhole.  Your MH Pro! Implementation can have any of the elements that are displayed in the six Shop Drawings.

Round Sanitary Submittal
Round Sanitary Shop W Elevation
Round Sanitary Shop W Plan View Only
Round Sanitary Shop W Duplex Pieces
Round Sanitary Shop W BOM
Round Sanitary Shop W AABB Elevations
Round Sanitary Shop W Rollout View

English Dimensioned Drawings – Round and Box Storm

The following are presented with a Submittal Drawing first and one Shop Drawing for each custom piece in the structure.

Round Storm Submittal
Round Storm Shop
Box Storm Submittal
Box Storm Shop

Metric Dimensioned Drawings

Round Storm Submittal
Round Storm Shop
Round Sanitary Submittal
Round Sanitary Shop
Box Storm Submittal
Metric Box Storm Shop

Additional Box Drawings

6×6 Shop2 Elevation
6×6 Shop Plan
6×6 Submittal
6×6 Butterfly Shop

Additional Round Drawings


Example Bill-of-Materials Reports

MH Pro! produces several types of Bill-of-Materials (BOM) reports
without graphics. Below are 3 BOM representative reports. Each can be modified for your company.

1.   BOMByStructure

2.   BOMSummary

3.   QuoteByStructure

These are example drawings only and do not represent the limits of MHPro! system capabilities.  Your drawings would be configured to fit your portfolio of casting capabilities and to meet the jurisdictional requirements of the areas you serve.