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MH Pro! Demo Build

What is the MH Pro! Demo Build?

MH Pro! is a software program that takes data from a database of the specific parts that that your company makes.  The MH Pro! Demo Build (in English or Metric units) substitutes a database of generic precast pieces and a set of general rules that determine the precast pieces that make up an individual precast structure.  A user can create structure designs and drawings using the Demo Build without having to input details about precast pieces they make. Samples of fabricated steel frames and grates are included in the Demo Build, as are numerous pipes and connectors.

The Demo Build version of MH Pro! operates just as a production build of MH Pro! does: it takes input, produces drawings and bill-of-materials reports. It just does not produce structure designs and drawings that match an individual precast producers manufacturing process, except by coincidence.

Why would I want one?

MH Pro! allows you to design precast structures the way you have always done them at the same time you are doing them in a new more efficient way.  The Demo Build of MH Pro! was created to show people how this is possible. And to let them experience how easy it is to create correct designs and produce professional and accurate drawings with only a short training session.

We think that using the Demo Build of MH Pro! to create drawings and other reports is a good way to learn about MH Pro! and its ease of use.

How do I get it?

FBE would like you to have a good understanding of the Implementation Steps and the Pricing of MH Pro! before we send you a Demo Build. We also think that a discussion of the uses and benefits of an MH Pro! implementation is good preparation for the training that is provided with the Demo Build. Call or Email us to request a demo build.

What are the limitations of the Demo Build?

As noted above, the Demo Build is not able to create the exact drawing for your organization because it does not have your company specific data.

More detailed information can be found:

Detail Demo Description / English

Detail Demo Description / Metric

FBE uses the Trial Project to create a version of MH Pro! that will produce the drawings you need for your structures.