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These are letters about MH Pro! from our newest customers.

Billings Precast

MH Pro has been the best decision we made this last year. It removed headaches and undertook all the necessities of making an accurate shop drawing tailored to our specific needs. The accuracy of the reports made assembling sales orders and appropriate purchase orders a breeze. We are very thankful for the great product and service MH Pro! provides to us and we will never be looking back. Thanks so much.

Steve Marich, Billings Precast

Infrastructure Precast Inc.

MH Pro has streamlined our submittal process significantly. The data and information provided on the submittal sheet make it much easier for our production workers to understand the product they are producing. Contractors have said that the MH Pro submittal sheets are the best they have used. The staff at MH Pro is very responsive to any needs or training that we request. We highly recommend MH Pro as a tool for creating quality precast structure submittals.

Nathan Ross – Infrastructure Precast Inc.

Knights Precast

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much Knight’s Precast appreciates the service and the software (MH Pro!) your team has provided. The MH Pro! staff is well diversified in comprehending our industry’s needs and they are always willing to assist us with innovative ways to streamline our business model.

MH Pro! has simplified our submittal package process by allowing us to provide uniform and accurate drawings to our customers promptly. The plan and profile view on the submittal drawing allows our engineering technicians, customer and/or project engineers the ability to easily define potential problems or obstacles on a job (i.e. – hole in joint, pipe od exceeds wall height, etc…).

The return on investment is tenfold for what you gain in engineering time, professional drawings and accurate data. This software has been a tremendous asset.

Jordan Thaxton – Operations Manager, Knights Precast

Jones and Sons Concrete and Masonry Products


You may use our logo in your materials. Here are some of the comments I have sent you in e-mails.

With MH Pro!, I can be much more productive.  We are always being interrupted in this business and with the software, I can be much more efficient and I know that once the info is entered, all the reports are just a click away.  The status window is a great tool to oversee your work. It makes sure you are not making typing mistakes.

Attached is a copy of one of my old submittal drawings.  Didn’t have half the info on it and not to scale.

The other great part of this program is the quotation report.  By simply clicking a box in reports, I’ve quoted the job and have submittal drawings ready for the customer.  HUGE HUGE HUGE time savings.  All documents are very professional looking as well.

Aaron Ames, CEO Jones and Sons, Inc.

Dalmaray Precast Concrete

We were able to make submittal drawings in a quarter of the time it took us in the past and our shop drawings were made more accurate and more easier to read. These two aspects alone will pay for the software many times over.

Aaron Ausen, Dalmaray Precast Concrete

Lee’s Precast Concrete

We at Lee’s Precast Concrete implemented MH Pro! into our submittal process last summer and by doing so MH Pro! has made the submittal process much faster and easier. The ability to get the right stack out and the speed of generating drawings by far beat our old way. The support guys at FBE were very helpful and knowledgeable about the type of precast we produce. The difference in our submittals has even had some of our customers commenting on how much more professional and accurate our drawings are.

Allen Lee. Owner

Lafarge of Alberta Canada

MH Pro has been great for us in preparing shop drawings for contractors/consultants/owners etc. It has cut down on our drafting while enabling us to turn drawing requests around in a timely and professional manner.

Lenil Samuel, Sales & Engineering Manager.

Geneva Polymer Products of Nevada

MH Pro! has been the easiest and most intuitive piece of software I’ve used in the precast realm. Not only has it been simple to train my team on, my customers are satisfied at the look and aesthetics of my drawings.

MH Pro! has also been great in the customer service department, always adapting and helping us with our always changing market of polymer concrete manholes and helping us adapt to specifications across the nation.

Mike Bussio, Sales Manager

Precon Products of California

MH Pro has been a really valued part of our submittal and production effort. We have been successfully using MH Pro since we begun building manhole projects in Northern California last year.

Rob Ring, Northern California Sales Manager

Here are additional letters


Champion Precast Inc. of Missouri

Using MHPro has greatly improved our submittal process, and has reduced the amount of mistakes both in the office and in the plant. since using MHPro the appearance of our submittals look more professional, and also greatly reduces the time it takes to put drawings together for a particular job.

Drew Grimes, Champion Precast Inc.

Roswell Concrete of Ontario

I have a unique story to tell about how I came to use MH Pro! for my company.  I spent several hours at the NPCA trade show exploring MH Pro! and I also did the same at a competitor’s booth.  I chose the other product because I thought that MH Pro! would be too expensive for me to use.  After trying over the course of a year I could not get a take-off system that I could use with the other product.

I called the MH Pro guys and they worked with us to implement MH Pro! and now I have a system that does what it needs to do and I consider the lease rate I pay to be more than paid for by the value that MH Pro! provides to us as we do our work.

I recommend MH Pro! to those who want accurate, professional looking drawings from a take-off tool that has a strong support staff that responds when we need it.

Scott Roswell, General Manager

Underground Specialties Inc. of Ontario

Underground Specialties Inc. has been building Manholes and Catchbasins for over 30 years and for the first time ever, with the help of FBE Inc., we have a program that allows us to quote, build and produce a more precise structure for our customers all in one program. Using MH PRO has alleviated a step from our takeoff and bidding process and provides us with a professional looking and complete quote to submit to our customers. MH PRO also provides us with a perfect blueprint of the structures for building and coring purposes, the submittal drawings give us a professional shop drawing to provide our customers in the preliminary stages of job design or in the field putting the pieces together.
MH PRO is easy to navigate and very user friendly with its menu/button design. I enjoy its layout along with the ability to view multiple windows on one single display. I highly recommend FBE Inc. / MH PRO and thank them for their unwavering patience in the setup and the fine tuning of the program as it pertains to Underground Specialties Inc.

Joe Lucier
Estimator / Sales

Hancock Concrete Products of Minnesota and South Dakota

To Whom It May Concern,

Hancock Concrete Products has been using MH Pro! manhole software for just under a year. Our initial concerns were of course cost and the idea of moving a majority of drafting out of CAD. Having had used the software through the bulk of the season we are very pleased with the result. The first major impact we noticed was the ability to create high quality drawings in a short amount of time. Our clients have complemented the drawings several times and the detail included in the submittals goes above and beyond what their prior expectations were. In addition we can now produce drawings with staff members who are not trained in CAD. The built in logic also helps to identify possible conflicts and help to minimize mistakes while still maintaining speed.
FBE has worked with us regularly to continually improve our experience in the program. Their ability to customize so many details of the software to fit our needs has been extremely impressive. This is what sets MH Pro! apart from other software out there currently. You are not just purchasing software out of a box, but rather you are purchasing a program that will continually evolve to meet new needs and requirements. We consistently challenge FBE with new wants and ideas and they have consistently delivered. The ability to change and add to MH Pro! is such a major added value that it offsets the costs. Also the fact that FBE does not require contract commitments shows that they are confident in the ability of their product which really helped put us at ease initially. It did not take long to realize that this was the right decision for us.
We would recommend MH Pro! for anyone looking to improve their manhole design process. FBE provides many options to accommodate any size operation. We look forward to working with FBE associates well into the future and are excited to see what we can do next.

John Petersen

Miller Precast of Ontario

Hi Pat,

I know you are looking for comments on MH Pro compared to
the product that we used to use.
I find MH Pro so much better to use overall than the other
product. The drawings are so much better and in more detail for us
in production and our customers (engineering firms and the manhole
contractors). I even had  a fax back today from one of our manhole
contractors saying he likes the new drawings better than before.
I find I can make changes through the MH Pro stack editor that I
could never do with the other product. Then many times I would get
upset at the other product.
Support with MH Pro is excellent, you have any questions they get
back to you right away and help find solutions to your questions
or problems.
I don’t know what more I can add to this Pat, but you have made my
job easier to do as an estimator and in sales for us at Miller

Bill Whitelock

Here are additional letters

American Concrete Industries  Veazie, Maine

FBE has an exceptional program that caters to our needs from production to billing. Their staff was incredibly patient during our training and trial process. When it came time to construct a build, FBE took all of our needs and concerns in mind and created a platform that everyone in the plant and office could benefit from. Today, FBE is still servicing us with constant updates and changes as the industry progresses..

Opie MacDonald

Anchor Concrete Products Limited – Kingston, Ontario

The staff of Anchor Concrete wish to thank you for the quality of the MH Pro manhole takeoff software you are providing us with. The product is easy to use and is an effective productivity enhancing tool. Keep up the great work and we look forward to further updates from you including the rebar add ons.


Jeff Bradfield, President

County Materials Corporation  Roberts, Wisconsin

We began 6 years ago with FBE with just an idea of what a computer takeoff program should do, and I think what we have now with MH Pro! is a state of the art takeoff program that is the best in the industry.

It gives us a customer drawing that job superintendents use to put the structures together.  What we have found is that our customers will load these drawings into a laptop and use this on the job to track their job and make comments as they proceed.

On the production side of the program we get a drawing that is easy to read and follow for our production people.  It has added to the accuracy of our takeoffs and reduced problems in the production process. The program also is very easy to make changes to as far as revisions to jobs and additions to jobs, and we also track our pipe and apron tallies and this gives us more accurate data about our projects.

A significant added benefit is we save time doing takeoffs and production drawings – enough so, that even with our solid growth we did not need to add takeoff staff as we would otherwise have had to do.

It has been a pleasure to work with all of the people from FBE involved with the process of producing this program.  We at County Materials Corporation look forward to working with FBE in the future to make MH Pro! even more helpful to us.

Thank you for all of your help with this process,

Charlie Anderson

CUZ Concrete Products – Arlington, WA

I am writing in regard to a drawing program called MH Pro.  We have been using it for about two years now.  Prior to MH Pro we drew everything by hand which can be very time consuming due to the fact that many times each structure will change a number of times prior to the final copy being signed off on.  Our efficiency rate was about 50 % lower than it has become since MH Pro was introduced to our office.

Just imagine with each change made to a structure we are able to go into the program and with a click of our mouse make the changes needed in a matter of seconds.  As we all know with the economy in the state it is, efficiency has become even more necessary.  With MH Pro we have achieved a way of reducing man hours spent on drawings, increased efficiency along with producing a more professional detailed drawing.

When it comes to the program and the office support supplied (I may add at no additional charge), MH Pro continues to exceed our expectations.  Hands down one of the best programs we have come across in a very long time.


Cuz Concrete Products

Kohnen Concrete Products, Inc. – Germantown, Illinois

First off we would like to thank all of you at FBE for your hard work and cooperation with us to get the program up and running.  The first six months of using MH Pro has resulted in improvements in every possible aspect.

  1. Takeoffs are much faster and easier for employees to do.
  2. Quotes are more professional, quicker and more detailed.
  3. Engineer submittals are less tedious than writing by hand and
    have gotten a lot of praise from the engineers we work with.
  4. Shop drawings eliminate design problems and greatly reduce mistakes made when producing.
  5. Much easier to train staff on the process of takeoff, quote, submittal and production sequence

We feel we made a great decision to go with your company as you have provided excellent customer service and helped with every step along the way.

Kevin Wilburn

M Con Pipe & Products Inc – Ayr, Ontario Canada

M Con Pipe & Products Inc. is well into the second year of using MH Pro! software for all precast manhole product take-offs and during this time it has become an integral part of our overall operation. MH Pro! is a fast and easy manhole design tool for our engineering staff, producing clear and precise shop drawings and reports. The shop drawings and reports generated by our engineering staff through MH Pro! are utilized by our production and shipping staff on a daily basis and become a major part of each individual customer project file. Our customers have commented on the usefulness of the Customer Submittal drawings generated by MH Pro! They find the display of the complete manhole stack along with the component sizes, weights and elevation calculations very helpful. Also, the FBE Associates,Inc. customer support staff have been very accessible in assisting our engineering staff with software questions, training and new product implementation.

M Con Pipe & Products Inc. looks forward to implementing future developments of the MH Pro! EZ program.

Scott Kirby

Sandelin Precast Products, Inc. – Topsham, Maine

We would like to thank you for your outstanding customer service and guidance throughout the past year. We are very impressed with your MH Pro software, particularly in the following areas:


We have been using MH Pro at Sandelin Precast Products for almost a year now. As a family owned and operated business, it was always my Father’s job to figure the elevations, decide the stacks, and convert them by hand into measurements our production crew could understand. Initially we were nervous about the process of getting our measurements, practices, and customer preferences into the computer system. It only took about an hour for the initial interview and it only took about a week for MH Pro to complete our program. The staff at MH Pro was patient, friendly, and fun during the training process. Now my father can focus on other things and designing manholes has been passed on to the next generation.


As a smaller producer, we couldn’t justify the expense of other manhole programs. MH Pro offered us a “lite” version of their program which had everything we needed and nothing we didn’t. What we pay is related to the number of units we sell a year and it’s a very fair price.

Remote Support:

One of my favorite parts of MH Pro is the remote support. Anytime I run into something I’ve never done before I just call them (they always answer right away-no robot voicemail) and they hook right into my computer so they can see what I’m doing. I don’t have to call very often now, but it’s a comfort to know if I need them, they are right there.


We love giving our customers professional, easy to understand, cut sheets for their review. It helps them to see exactly what they’ll be getting and it helps my production line to see exactly what to build. It cuts down on mistakes all the way around. Many of our contractors, engineers, and estimators have commented about how much they like the system. It makes us feel good knowing we picked the right program.

Marilyn Sandelin

Shaw Pipe  –  Lantz, Nova Scotia Canada

MH PRO is a great system.  The software has actually saved us money with the ability to draw manholes faster and with fewer mistakes.  The drawings always look professional and do a wonderful job of presenting the manhole information to the consultant, contractor, and production floor.  FBE has been very accommodating on every front; it is incredible that they have the design flexibility that they do.  There has never been a challenge presented to them that they were not able to overcome.  FBE is a group of true professionals who work with the precaster to make sure that their needs are being met.

Rylan MacDow