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Steps of an MH Pro! Implementation

FBE uses the following steps to ensure that each implementation of MH Pro! is a success and that the risk and investment of time by our customers is minimal.

Step #1 Discussion of the what and how of MH Pro!

Question #1.  Can MH Pro! do what I need?

Question #2.  What will it cost?

Question #3.  Will MH Pro! pay for itself?

Step #2 Decision to do an Initial or Trial Project/Provide data

Step #3 Configuration of your Initial or Trial Version of MH Pro! by FBE

Step #4 Initial training and use of the Initial or Trial Version

Are the answers to Question 1 and Question 3 “yes”?

Step #5  Choose to Lease MH Pro!

5A Decision to implement MH Pro!

5B Signing of the Informal Business Agreement

5C Begin expansion to a Production Version

5D Initial Monthly Payment for month of decision

Step #6 Use, revision and acceptance of the Production Version

Step #7 Monthly payment of the Regular Monthly Lease payment

In addition to these Implementation Steps we have the following two safeguards for our customers:

Customer Protection Note #1  Potential customers for leasing MH Pro! commit themselves no financial liability for FBE activity to create and install MH Pro! at their sites.  The obligation to pay the Initial Lease Rate for MH Pro! occurs when you decide that your Initial or Trial Project Version should be expanded to the Production Version.  The Regular Lease Rate begins on the first of the month after the Production Version is producing value for your organization.  You may stop using MH Pro! at any time and the obligation to pay the monthly lease payment also stops.

Customer Protection Note #2  Should FBE cease to provide MH Pro! to the public marketplace, precast producers that lease MH Pro! may purchase the right to continually use and modify their version of MH Pro! for a one-time sales price of 12 times their monthly lease rate.