Patrick Race

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Patrick Race

Patrick Race is a founder of FBE Associates, Inc. and is its President. He has an engineering degree from the University of Michigan (BSE in IE) and has worked in computer software for over two decades. In July of 1998 he and Thomas Goodman decided to create a software company based on their view of how Knowledge Based Engineering could be used to improve small manufacturing companies.

Prior to starting FBE he worked for Invention Machine Corporation (1996-1999), a company that produces and markets software to aid in creative thinking. Invention Machine was just out of its startup phase and Pat was a technical trainer for the TechOptimizer product that Invention Machine offered at that time. He taught engineers in Canada, Japan and the US about software and techniques for increasing the quantity and quality of their technical insight into their areas of expertise.

Before Invention Machine (1985-1996) for almost eleven years Pat worked at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) on the GM and Delphi accounts that focused on the production of automotive components. He eventually created a group of about thirty engineers that delivered knowledge based engineering systems to several divisions of the GM Automotive Components Group. The EDS Automated Concurrent Engineering (ACE) team produced Knowledge Engineers that worked on many critical automotive and aerospace projects, and Pat managed about a dozen ACE projects that delivered design assistance systems for automotive components.

Before EDS Pat worked (1982-1985) at the Tank Automotive Command in Warren, Michigan as a General Engineer developing an integrated test data collection system.

In the first ten years after college he taught mathematics in California and Michigan.